Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year

Christmas this year seems a bit of a blur and it was ages since.  No not due to huge amounts of alcohol and over indulgence. No we got the flu, well myself and Baby E got it full force, Little L was ill but didn't get a fever and P he had a cold. The dog was fine though ha ha.  
So today we ventured out after being too ill to move since Boxing day (no luxury for P he struggled on at work).  It was so nice to be out in the fresh air.  It was windy and cold but we went to a little wooded glen that was freezing but sheltered from the wind.  We went to Fairy Glen and saw lots of fairies (they looked like sticks but we were assured by a certain small person that they were fairies!). 

We walked whilst being told who we currently were being.  I am usually princess Anna, little L is Elsa and baby E and P are usually either the reindeer or Olaf.  To those without a Frozen obsessed child this means nothing.  We have watched this film a few times over the holidays.  And we also ate a few chocolate coins when energy levels were failing. 
Lovely to be out and about and hopefully we can shake off the bugs in time for back to school next week. 

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