Tuesday, 9 September 2014

First Day

Today was the first day in a very long time that I have looked at my blog.  I won't update you on everything that has happened since I last blogged because it would take such a long time and soo much has happened in four months.

Perhaps the reason why I looked at my blog was because I am sat here at 9.30am in a quiet house, baby E is asleep and Little L is not here......today was her first day at Preschool.  The thought of this day has hung over my head like a big grey cloud all year really but more so over the last few months and I have been dreading it.  I feel lost, for three years and 3 months she has been my constant companion.  I can count the number of days we have been apart on one hand and then she was always with close family.  She was happy this morning, she said she was excited as we walked to the school and she was fine when I left her.  We have prepared a lot for today, this year despite Baby E's arrival and her being a very demanding baby who screamed most of the time until she was 4/5 months old (Three-months-old) we have been to all the playgroups in the village, been trying different things, talking about school etc and so she was well prepared but all the same I'm not there with her.  

She will be fine, I know 
(two hours left till I can collect her.....maybe I should make her a cake)    

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  1. Brings a tear to the eye of many parents, feel like yesterday when I dropped my 'little ' boy off. I would say yes to cake, cake improves most days. Hope she went on well. Sarah


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