Sunday, 6 April 2014

A Little Break

A much needed break was had last week (just three nights altogether).  Much too short but we didn't dare go for any longer than one night with Baby E and her screaming etc.  My Mum did offer to look after her but I couldn't leave her behind.

Little L loved it, staying in a hotel, eating out, doing different things she loves anything like that.  And she is so easy to take anywhere, she will eat anything, sleep anywhere so we are very lucky on that front.  We had a day in York.  

First stop the Railway Museum, I hadn't been for years and in fact I once had a swanky conference dinner in amongst the carriages (I'd forgotten about that).  Little L and her Daddy loved looking at all the trains.  Me and baby E liked it too but after a while they all start to look the same.  

After that we headed into town to look at the minster, up and down the little streets and in the quirky shops, a lazy lunch, some more exploring and then when we were all exhausted we headed off for the day.

The night went quite well Baby E slept reasonably and didn't scream,  Little L loved it and slept in her spotty sleeping bag in a big girls bed.  

We were up and out much earlier than I would have wanted but this was the reason for our trip.  Daddy driving a fast car (he will never drive our old cars with the same affection as before).  He loved it, I'm not much of a car person but he drove a Ferrari F430 very fast and it was black.  Me and the girls were watching nearby but I'm not sure if Little L really believed that it was Daddy driving but he really loved it. 
(he was driving the car not the tank in the background)

This took all morning and we nearly froze (we were outside on an old airfield).  After that an afternoon warming up and then a look around Harrogate.  Another lovely town, a bit easier than York to look around with a pram.  

This week we have the delights of a Health visitor visit, seeing the doctor again, swimming lesson, no playgroups or library as it is the Easter holidays and hopefully a few days out too.


  1. What a lovely whirlwind trip you've had to these lovely places. It sounds like a fab break for all of you. I found the pic of Little L really touching in her spotty snuggle bag in a 'big girls' bed. What a treat that must have been for her. She sounds like a brilliant and affable little companion. I like snazzy cars too but sadly drive like a big daisy so wouldn't have got much out of going round a track at 29miles and hour!

    1. Yes I'm with you on the cars really, I drive slower now than when I was younger probably due to driving a big steady car and having kids.


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