Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Time flies on Ravelry and Ebay

Still looking through endless patterns on Ravelry.  I kind of love and hate Ravelry.  I am very indecisive and think I have become a lot worse with my constant indecision since leaving work.  I fear my brain is being turned to mush through too much Mega blocks and Cbeebies.  Anyhow Ravelry has just endless patterns and I think I am going to have to try knitting in the round as all the decent modern patterns seem to be in the round and top down (another thing I've not done).  So cue Ebay and some searching and i have two sets  (40cm and 80cm) of 18 sizes of circular knitting needles.  Much cheapness and they are only coming half way round the world from Hong Kong
Watch this space I might be knitting in the round by Christmas   


All I talk about is teeth and gums!  Well it seems that way.  I have officially the most affected baby by teeth ever.  She started with red angry checks when she was four months old.  She really started to suffer a couple of months after that and so has been teething for a year now!!!
(Can I have that shoe back)
Last night she wouldn't even have her dummy (never happened before) as I think maybe her front teeth/gums were hurting.  So she wouldn't sleep.  My plans of picking out knitting patterns ready for Fridays jaunt was scuppered and so me and little L went to bed early in our bed (poor other half on sofa) and she kept waking up over night.  Tired house this morning.
So much to do as we are going up North tomorrow for a night out (for other half's birthday (thank you baby sitters) and then some visiting etc before our grand day out on Friday.  Have to sort out clothes/ food/ blankets/ nappies/ knitting/dog etc for tomorrow morning ... oh and try to whip up a birthday cake. 
Anyway cup of tea and breakfast first.  Hope you are all having fun

Monday, 19 November 2012

This and That

Where have I been?  Sorry I haven't posted for a while.  I can't say I've been away on some exciting holiday or been doing anything much out of the ordinary but time just passes so quickly.

So we have been loving the new stove in the front room and there was much excitement on Friday morning (just from me) when the coal man came and delivered 3 bags of coal!  So much warmer than just burning wood.

Christmas is creeping into my thoughts and home.  And I ventured into the kitchen and made some mince pies.  Hhhhm the smell and you can't beat mince pies.  I think you are allowed to eat mince pies from Nov to Feb by then after consuming 100's of them you stop and start the New Year diet (ahem)!  I was impressed as the pastry worked quite well and didn't crack.

Also some Daffodil bulb planting and winter pansies.  I'm never quite sure how deep to put bulbs in so fingers crossed these will come up.
And some knitting of course.  Done the back and one sleeve of little L's next cardy and I also started a cowl.  No pattern just knit mainly as I wanted to test out the jumbo 9mm needles I bought on Saturday. 
Just wish I could knit a bit faster, one of the ladies at knit and natter finished a cardy the other day, in a toddler size, and it only took her 3 days!!! I'd be lucky to get it done in 3 weeks.  I am off to Harrogate Knit and Stitch Show on Friday (can't wait) so no doubt my things to knit list will get a lot longer.
Bye for now x 

Monday, 5 November 2012


Had lots of visitors over the weekend.  I think it is because our house is usually soooo cold.  Not that its boiling now but probably the living room is normal temperature for people who put there heating on. 
Friday night whilst others were out having fun me, the other half and little L were loading wood into our car in the dark and the rain.  Well it was a bargain we didn't want to miss and as he had finished work a bit early we went straight away.  So now our garage is full of two ton bags worth of wood not bad.

A cute spinning owl from York, a lovely pressie from sister J who visited us on Friday (wish we had been to York)!
Some knitting which I did at knit and natter on Friday whilst little L looked at books and tried to grab my needles. 
Saturday more visitors and much amusement watching Little L's new dance move combo.
Sunday more visitors and a little walk down the canal. 
And then home to a lovely warm house
Anyway bye for now, off to watch Homeland and do some knitting.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Feeling hot, hot, hot!

Today we got our stove fit.  We didn't need a flue liner as the smoke test passed and so that saved us some money and meant that we could get it fit today and its now done. 
It is really warm now and its only been lit a couple of hours. 
Bye for now
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